Fidget toys are taking off as a must-have item for kids and teens. In addition to being fun toys, fidgets can be an important tool for helping kids focus on their thoughts and increase their concentration. Because of the popularity of fidget toys, it is highly recommended that arcades and prize centers start stocking them immediately. 

Here are 10 great fidget toy products from A&A Global that kids and teens will love.

Fidget Toys That Bounce and Spin

  1. Rainbow Mesh Bead Balls

One of A&A Global’s most popular fidget items is the Rainbow Mesh Bead Ball. Not only can it be thrown, dunked, passed, and rolled, it is fun and relaxing to squeeze. Rainbow Mesh Bead Balls have extra appeal as a sensory toy for kids, teens, and even adults. With every squeeze, Rainbow Mesh Bead Balls pop out from the mesh in an eye-catching rainbow. Not only are Rainbow Mesh Bead Balls extremely satisfying to play with, but they are also durable. There are a variety of ways to play with Rainbow Mesh Bead Balls, including squeezing, throwing, and catching.

Rainbow Mesh Bead Balls from A&A Global are 2.5 inches in diameter.   They are sold by the display box of 12 balls (12 display boxes per case). 

  1. Puzzle Balls

A staple in the novelty industry, Puzzle Balls have been around for decades and are a classic toy.   Each puzzle ball is 1.1 inches in diameter, making them perfect for a self-vending item in a bulk vending machine or placed in a redemption counter bin. Puzzle Balls are packed in bags of 100 and  40 bags are in a  case. Unlike classic fidget and spinner toys, Puzzle Balls can be completely taken apart and put back together. Once taken apart, it requires critical thinking, problem solving and dexterity to reassemble the Puzzle Ball.  

  1. Soccer Spinner Balls

Soccer is the most popular sport on the planet and A&A Global’s Soccer Spiner Balls are colorful toys that are desirable by soccer fans of all ages. Soccer Spinner Balls appeal to both soccer fans as well as anyone who loves fidget toys. To enjoy this fidget toy, the player simply holds the Soccer Spinner Ball by the sides and flicks the center of the ball to make it spin. Soccer Spinner Balls are ideal for both kids and teens. At 1.1 inches in size, Soccer Spinner Balls easily fit into hands of all sizes. 

A&A Global carries Soccer Spinner Balls in 6 different colors: yellow, white, pink, blue, green, and orange, making it fun to buy and  collect. They are sold in bags of 100 and there are 20 bags in a master case. 

Hot, New Popper Fidget Toys

  1. Snap and Release Rainbow Pop Toys

Squeezing and popping is a very popular and common way to fidget. A&A Global’s new Snap and Release Rainbow Pop Toys are currently very popular because they meet the needs of fidgeters. Snap and Release Rainbow Pop Toys are made from  durable silicone and every toy is perfectly sized to fit in  the player’s hand. There are two suction cups on the inside so each Snap and Release Rainbow Pop Toy can be squeezed together and popped apart repeatedly. 

Snap and Release Rainbow Pop Toys offered in swirls of colors, making them an item to collect as well as to play with. Because of their eye-catching nature, Snap and Release Rainbow Pop Toys are ideal for redemption bins or self-vending bulk vending machines.

  1. 5in Butterfly Poppers

Popper toys are popular among kids of all ages. Like the Snap and Release Rainbow Pop Toys, 5in Butterfly Poppers offer one-handed fidgeting, allowing the player to perform tasks with the other hand. 

A&A Global offers popper fidget toys in a unique, new shape. The  Butterfly Poppers come in both rainbow and glow-in-the-dark colors. The range of colors make Butterfly Poppers a great item to collect and to enjoy. Butterfly Poppers are sold in packs of 12 per bag (6 bags per case). A&A Global recommends displaying the  Butterfly Poppers on a peg, where they will be eye-catching and easily visible as a desirable item to win. 

  1. Inside Out Pop Octopus

The Inside Out Pop Octopus is a colorful, unique fidget toy that allows the player to pop and push as they please. Because each Inside Out Pop Octopus is reversible, players will have endless fun popping the head and tentacles back and forth. Inside Out Pop Octopi are small enough to be taken anywhere, and can be used in one hand, allowing players to work with the other hand. 

Inside Out Pop Octopi come in both solid and tie-dye colors, making them desirable items to collect. They are sold in a display box of 24 units (12 display boxes per case). Everyone will love the Inside Out Pop Octopus because it combines two popular toys into one fun fidget toy. 

Check Out These Squeezable Critters

  1. Pop-Up Squeeze Squirrel

A&A Global’s Pop-Up Squeeze Squirrels combines kids’ love of animals with their love of fidget toys. The player simply squeezes the bottom of the Pop-Up Squeeze Squirrel  and an adorable squirrel pops out. It provides hours of silly and fun entertainment. The Pop-Up Squeeze Squirrel can be used with one or both hands.

Each Pop-Up Squeeze Squirrel is 3 inches tall, so they can be taken anywhere. A&A Global sells Pop-Up Squeeze Squirrels in display boxes with 12 pieces per box (12 boxes in a case). Because Pop-Up Squeeze Squirrels are so versatile, they can be used in prize bags and in redemption bins. 

  1. Light-Up Puffer Critters

Light-Up Puffer Animals have all the consumer attraction of plushies with the added sensory benefits of fidget toys. Made from durable materials, each Light-Up Puffer Critter has the base shape of a cute animal but can be stretched and squeezed. All the Light-Up Puffer Critters have a light inside to make them glow and are textured to be appealing to touch.

Much like the Rainbow Mesh Bead Balls, Light-Up Puffer Critters can be squeezed, stretched, thrown, and loved. They come in blue, pink, yellow, orange, and green. Critters include  a bear, lion, pig, owl, bunny and a rhino. These wonderful Light-Up Puffer Critters have appeal as sensory fidget toys and are attractive to younger children because they can also be named and treated like a plushie. 

Each critter is 3 to 4 inches tall; they come 30 per display box and are best merchandised in a counter bin in your redemption center.  

Put the “Toy” in Fidget Toys

There are a plethora of fidget toys to choose from if you are looking for prizes that function both as fidget toys and open-ended toys for play. Look no further than Finger Skateboards and Volcano Moving Sand from A&A Global. 

  1. Finger Skateboards 

When it is too cold, snowy, or rainy for the skatepark, kids can keep practicing their moves with these epic Finger Skateboards. Each skateboard has a unique, colorful pattern, so they are perfect for trading and collecting. 

As a fidget toy, Finger Skateboards offer several tactile sensations. Players can hold the ends of the Fidget Skateboard in their fingers and spin the wheels with their other hand, like how the Soccer Spinning Balls are used. Finger Skateboards can also be flicked, spun, and balanced on different surfaces. 

Finger Skateboards come in packs of 3 with 48 packs in each box (144 pieces per case.) At just under 4 inches long and 5 inches wide, the Finger Skateboards are perfect for any redemption bin. Kids can easily take them on the go to practice finger skating everywhere. 

  1. Volcano Moving Sand

Volcano Moving Sand has all the appeal of slime with none of the mess! This is not just typical beach sand. It is mess-free kinetic sand that flows like lava and can be crafted into colorful shapes. 

Each container comes with a friendly sea creature, such as a fish or octopus. Volcano Moving Sand is an offshoot of therapy dough, which is a traditional fidget toy. Because Volcano Moving Sand is so versatile, it can also be used for endless creative play. Parents will love watching their kids entertain themselves for hours with their Volcano Moving Sand. 

Volcano Moving Sand is sold by A&A Global in display cases with 12 pieces per box (6 boxes per case.)


The Popularity Behind Fidget Toys

Everyone naturally fidgets in one way or another. The human brain requires stimulation and motion to help maintain focus. For example, if you have ever repeatedly clicked a pen, wrapped a rubber band around your fingers, or repeatedly folded small pieces of paper, you understand the desire to fidget. 

Most people fidget naturally without even paying attention. Fidget toys are a great way to maintain focus because they provide an outlet for this natural fidgeting.


Why Arcades Should Start Stocking Fidget Toys ASAP

Here’s a universal truth: kids love toys. 

Once one  winner gets a hot, new toy, suddenly every one of their friends wants one too. Fidget toys have longevity because of the huge variety and play patterns they provide. These toys are here to stay.

Since fidget toys are a must want for the redemption prize winner, now is the perfect time to stock  your arcade with these tried-and-true compelling toys. As players win, they will continue to collect all types of fidget toys to grow their collection. 

Start Stocking Up on Fidget Toys Today!

Keep winners coming back for more by offering a variety of popular fidget toys for your prize bins. Place your order today online at or contact an A&A Global Rep for more information. Check out the A&A Global blog to stay ahead of the game on the hottest new prizes, including Popular Cartoon Character Toys and Bouncy Balls in Bulk