Watching cartoons is a favorite pastime for adults and children alike. There is a high demand for popular cartoon character toys such as souvenirs, fridge magnets, and mugs. Take a deep dive to view some of the top-rated licensed redemption prizes, including prizes from famous cartoon series including SpongeBob, Scooby-Doo, DC Comics Superheroes, PAW Patrol and more!

Whether you are a retailer, an arcade owner, or a parent, looking for toys and games based on popular cartoon characters, there is a huge selection for you to choose from.

1. SpongeBob

Bin Toys

These cute and squishy yo-yos with the famous SpongeBob SquarePants character are going to fly off your shelves before you know it. You can stretch the cord up to 40 inches. These yo-yos are available in 10 different designs. Order them by a bag of 100 pieces each or get yourself a case containing 10 bags.  

Kids and young teenagers love fake tattoos of their favorite cartoon characters. These mini tattoos either feature SpongeBob or his best friend Patrick in 12 different designs. You can buy these 2 inch mini tattoos in a bag of 2400. You can even purchase a display to showcase them even more! They are also a perfect giveaway for children's events and birthday parties. 


If you are looking for quick-selling cartoon character toys then this 9-inch SpongeBob plush is a perfect candidate. If you want a small SpongeBob-themed wall or crane, you can buy these plush toys as a singular item, or as a case of 80 pieces. 

Meet the big brother of the 9-inch SpongeBob plush, this 27.5-inch plush is as big as it gets for a Giant Crane or any wall. This is a perfect toy for toddlers, kids, and young children. You can buy this one as a singular item or order it in a case of 8. 


These 5 inch SpongeBob Square inflatable vinyl balls are fun cartoon character toys. You can get other characters including Patrick, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Squidward, and Gary the Snail. The series has 10 balls with different wacky and silly faces of the character. You can order a case of 250 of these vinyl balls. Plus, these are exclusively available for A&A Global Customers. 

These SpongeBob foam balls are going to be the center of attention for children and young adults alike. Each ball has a 2inch diameter and comes in 12 designs. You can order them by piece as per your needs; get a bag of 50 balls or order a case of 16 bags. 

2. Scooby-Doo


While everyone loves a Classic Scooby-Doo toy, these plush toys add a crazy twist to the character. You can get this 8 inch plush in 3 different colored patterns. Buy them as a singular item or get a case with 120 plush toys inside. There is no set number for each toy and you may get them in different ratios within a delivery box. 

Scooby-Doo is still one of the kids’ favorites! If you are looking for cartoon character toys to attract kids of all ages, you will never go wrong with this 7 to 9-inch plush. Each plush toy depicts the character in the ghost-busting movie. There are 8 different characters including Scooby-Doo and you can either purchase a character or buy a case with 120 pieces inside. 

Board Games

Monopoly is one of the most popular board games of all time. Now, you can boost your sales by displaying a Scooby-Doo-themed monopoly. Even adults can indulge in this game with their kids! Kids and adults alike are going to love the customized money, chance cards, and community chest. 

Scooby-Doo was all about clues and hints to catch those made-up ghosts and evil spirits. So, this board game combines the classic game of clue with Scooby Doo’s plot to solve the abductions at a haunted mansion. People will flock to your shelves the moment you display this game in the store. Plus it makes a perfect birthday present. You can place an order for a single board game or get a case of 4. 

Meet the combination of a classic Escape room and Scooby-Doo mystery. This is one of the best board games in the cartoon character toys category. You have to decode 50 clues in order to escape from a haunted mansion. So, give your customers a present this summer to buy an officially licensed escape room/Scooby-Doo board game.

3. Nintendo


This life-like plush features the iconic blue overalls, mustache, and green hat.  The total height of the character is 8.5 inches perfect for shelf display. 

If you get a lot of customers asking for Mario-themed cartoon character toys, this 8.5 inches plush will do the trick. Get these super soft plush toys to display on the shelf and boost your sales in a matter of days. Place them in your crane machines or by the counter and customers will struggle to keep their hands off them. 

Candy & Novelties

Kids love to wear the rings of their favorite cartoon characters. Although not exactly cartoon character toys, these are still going to be the best sellers at your counter or confectionary section. You can display them on a peg or pile them up in a bin. A case contains 96 of these blind bags or you can place an order for a specific quantity. 

This candy dispensing display box comes with a variety of Nintendo characters including Yoshi, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong, and Mario. Both boys and girls are going to love these as each collectible candy dispenser contains two packs of famous PEZ candy. There are 12 packs in a single dispenser box and you can also get a case with 12 dispenser boxes. 

Board Games

Who does not love a good game of UNO? Now you can get customized UNO cards with favorite Mario characters. This is one of the cartoon character toys that can be a great collectible item. You can order a pack or a case of 8 packs. 

Give your customers a chance to indulge with Mario and Bowser from Nintendo with tic-tac-toe and checkers. Plus it has one of the best display boxes you will ever get to attract kids, teenagers, and adults alike. The dimension of each box is 7.75 inches in length, 7.75 inches in width, and 1.75 inches in depth. 

4. DC Comics


Attract fans of DC Comics Justice League! These cartoon character toys include plush figures of Batman, Superman, Super Girl, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman. You can buy them in a case with 8 assorted characters or a case with 80 characters. Each of the characters is 8 inches. 

Get your famous DC comics characters in these 11-inch plush toys. You will get all of the famous justice league characters in super-soft form. Each case contains 48 pieces of 8 assorted characters and includes a poster as well. 


Get these 18 inch knobby inflatable balls in four different colors with pictures of iconic DC Comics characters in action. Order a case containing 48 pieces. 

Foam balls are equally popular amongst kids and adults. You will often find them to be great stress relievers by squeezing them. Stack them up in a crane machine or a bin. You can increase your sales instantly as customers gather around to buy their favorite DC Comic heroes as squishy foam balls. 

Bin Toys

Punch poppers come in all shapes and sizes. However, everyone loves the flying punch of Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman. These fun cartoon character toys are going to be the main attraction for your redemption store. Buy a bag with 12 punch poppers or get a case of 24 bags. 

Get a bag of 100 pieces of Chibi Keychains with 10 assorted characters from the DC Comics Universe. You can also buy a case of 20 bags. These figures are cool 2-D depictions of flexible figures. 

Redemption Shelf and Wall Prizes

Make your redemption shelf an instant hit with these Velcro dartboards. Kids are going to love this item from the cartoon character toys. This dartboard is available by the piece or in the case of 120 pieces. 

Buy these beautiful futuristic lamps! They make great display items that will definitely attract DC fans to get this collectible item. You can buy this 13-inch lamp in 2 different styles as a single item or in a case of 12 pieces. 

Get slime display boxes with six of DC Comics assorted characters including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. 

5. PAW Patrol


Place an order to buy 7 of PAW Patrol’s favorite cartoon character toys and see fans grab their four-pawed vigilantes. Each case will contain 84 of these soft and squishy plush toys. 

If you want bigger plush toys to attract customers, you can choose from 7 of the canine super cops in 11-inch size. You can place an order for a case with 35 pieces of these life-like squishy and soft plush cartoon character toys.


Stack up these 8 different knobby balls with a different PAW patrol character. They come in a case of 250 balls. However, remember that they will require inflation once you get them. 

Now you can get 50 pieces of 50mm or 2.05 inches foam balls with 8 of four-pawed vigilantes’ pictures. Young kids are going to love these and scream out of excitement. These cartoon character toys come in a bag with 50 balls, or you can buy a case of 16 bags. 

  • Bin Toys

PAW Patrol puppies are the number one license for young kids. These are officially licensed and exclusively available to A&A Global’s customers. Stack them up in a bin or display them on a shelf or counter. You can buy a bag of 50 pieces or grab a case of 12 bags. 

 Children love puppets! If you are looking for redemption prizes that are small, fun, and sell quickly; then you are golden with these finger puppets. You can order a bag of 100 pieces of 8 of the most popular PAW patrol characters. For bigger orders, you can purchase a case of 40 bags. 


All of the above-mentioned are going to give your customer what they want while also boosting your sales. Visit A&A Global to access our licensed cartoon character toys today and receive your delivery fast!