From bouncy balls that look like bowling balls to ones that have 3D aliens inside them, there is a huge variety of designs, characters and themes for you to choose from.

6 Amazing Bouncy Balls to Buy in Bulk

Whether you are a vendor with a huge demand for bouncy balls amongst your customers or you are looking to buy bouncy balls in bulk for parties, or other fun activities, here are some of the best deals you can find.

Are you a fan of the aliens? In that case, you are going to love this futuristic style spherical bouncing toy ball. If you are planning to throw a Sci-Fi or aliens-themed party, these 45mm bouncy balls will look as if they have come straight out of the secret vaults of Area 51. 

These give you a perfect opportunity to combine your kids' love for Hi-bounce balls with their passion for outer space and aliens. These bold, bright and beautiful balls come in six different colors. Each of the bouncy balls has a 3D alien figure sealed within it. 

It will feel as if a real-life alien is in a cryogenic state resting within this ball. These balls are proof of cutting-edge technology that encloses a plastic alien figure within a bouncy ball giving it a 3D appearance. 

So, you can either buy a bag of these extra-cool and vibrant extraterrestrial bouncy balls in bulk as a bag of 12. In case you are a vendor, you can place bigger orders with a case of 36 bags with 12 balls per bag. 

The colors available are brilliantly blue, red, yellow, black, turquoise, and purple!

Do you or your kids have an undying love for animals? Or you are simply mesmerized by how exotic the snake kingdom is? Either way, you will never regret getting your hands on these gems!

Now you can buy some of the most illustrious and realistic bouncy balls. These hi-bounce balls have enclosed some of the most exotic species from the snake world. For some quality fun, you can get these 45-mm 3D snake-themed bouncy balls. 

You can choose them from a range of bold, bright, and exotic colors. Each of the balls comes in a different color with a 3D-shaped plastic snake sitting or shall I say crawling right in the middle of this extra-bouncy globe. 

There are a total of six variations of these 3D snake-themed bouncy balls in bulk. The colors are muddy-brown and cloudy-grayish with exotic snake species for your viewing pleasure. If you are a school teacher wishing to teach your students about snakes, these balls can offer a great and fun way to create an interactive lesson or activity. 

If you wish to grab this amazing deal, you can either buy a bag of 12 balls or order a case with 36 bags of 12 balls in each. 

Licensed Bouncy Balls in Bulk

Apart from the above-mentioned aliens and snake 3D hi-bounce balls. Here are some of the licensed bouncy balls you can get exclusively from A&A Global.

The reboot of the DC Comics movies has taken the entire world by storm.  That is the reason why both adults and kids of all ages love to get their hands on anything remotely related to their favorite superhero characters. 

These shiny high-quality hi-bounce balls are exclusively available to A&A global customers only. You will not be able to buy them anywhere else. So, if you, your kids, or your customers are always looking for DC Comics superheroes branded bouncy balls in bulk, here is your opportunity to grab these licensed bouncy spheres. 

There are six main characters that you can get when you order these 43mm or 1.75-inch hi-bounce balls. These include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, and Green Lantern. So, which one is your favorite?

You can order now to get a bag full of 50 pieces or a case with 8 bags to get these comic bouncy balls in bulk. In case you are an arcade owner or have a vending machine, you can also buy a display that is available to order separately. This will help you make these fancy bouncy balls one of the main attractions of your store. 

These hi-bounce balls licensed by DC Comics are the bestselling self-vending redemption prizes. The official logos are the main highlights with the most vibrant and authentic colors. Each ball has a diameter of 43 mm and will fly off the shelves. 

So, if you are looking for toys to boost your sales, order this amazing deal today

Mixes Hi-Bounce Balls

If you are looking for a larger variety of bouncy ball designs, we offer a plethora of options for you to choose from. Each mix offers increasing play value for kids and young adults. Kids will want to keep playing with these bouncy balls that are available in all sorts of designs and patterns. 

Here are two of the best mix patterned bouncy balls in bulk for you to order now. 

These high-end premium balls come in a mix with some of the most brightly colored and sought-after designs. Each ball has a 45mm diameter and has an exceptionally high bounce that will give you hours of laughter and fun. 

The varieties you can buy in the mix include pool balls, card suits, sayings, happy face emojis, and glitter. If you are looking for an attractive vending machine or redemption prize display bouncy balls in bulk, these PRB premium balls are the perfect candidates. 

You can either purchase them in a bag full of 50 pieces or get a case with 8 bags of 50. Plus, you can buy the smaller variants of PRB mix bounce balls of 27mm diameter. The smaller premium hi-bounce balls are equally high-quality, and you can buy them in a bigger bulk with 250 pieces per bag. Additionally, if you want more, you can place an order for a case with 6 bags of 250 pieces in each. 

Another variety is 45PRD premium mix display card bounce balls. You can sell them per piece as per your liking. There are two different display cards on each ball i.e., each side of a ball has a different look. You can also buy a hybrid display that fits Tomy machines. 

These colorfully printed hybrid cards-themed premium hi-bounce balls are going to send your sales to skyrocket the moment you put them on display. If you are planning a birthday party, these can also be a great giveaway present for children in attendance. 

The MIB range of bounce balls comes in a myriad of designs. These balls include natural-looking marble, marshmallows, and frosty balls. You can buy these mixed designs in several sizes including 49mm hi-bounce balls in a bag of 40 pieces

If you want to buy these toy balls for redemption prizes or vending machines, you can get 27mm or 1.05 inches balls in a bag with 250 pieces. The third variant is available in 45mm or 1.75-inch diameter with 50 pieces in a bag.

All these mix pieces are one of the bestselling items with unmatched assorted patterns and designs in vibrant colors. The manufacturers have been extremely precise and careful when it comes to producing the most high-quality and vibrant bouncy balls in bulk at an affordable cost. 

These are a perfect fit for all kinds of parties  and activities.


Are you a collector of bouncy balls? Or are you a redemption prize machine owner looking for classic-themed items? If so, you are going to love this category. 

  • FRB

You can get the pure frost-look bouncing balls in the most vibrant colors that will make them fly off the shelf in no time. You can get these balls in a wide range of sizes and colors. The main colors you can choose from are frosty purple, frosty lilac, frosty blue, frosty orange, and greens.

The best part is that you can buy them in plenty of sizes. For instance, the smallest 27mm hi-bounce frost balls are available in a bag of 250. You can get 32mm ones in a bag with 100 pieces each. The 50mm frosty hi-bounce balls are available to order with a bag containing 50 pieces. You can also buy 60mm of these frosty toys in a bag of 12 balls in each. 

Promisingly enough, you can mix them up a little bit then you can order them by a piece as well. You can make the most of these brightly colored assorted balls with translucent effects. Whether you want to place them in a trampoline in the backyard, use them for fun play in a classroom, throw them around at a party or use them as a giveaway toy at birthday parties, you can never go wrong with these mixed and frosty bouncy balls in bulk. 


A&A Global Industries offers the most extensive range of bouncing balls in the market. We  are market leaders with licensing agreements with some of the major brands in the market. From sports teams to comic characters, cartoons to aliens, and animal kingdom gems, we offer the widest selection for you to choose from.