It’s hard to find a toy that the average person will be more passionate about than a sports team toy. There are so many die-hard fans that will quickly pull out their wallet for a chance at a fun toy with their favorite team’s logo on it.

Why Should You Stock Sports Team Toys? 

Sports team toys make the best collectibles, and you can find a  wide range in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Your customers can choose from keychains to stickers, a massive, hi-bounce, or inflatable ball. 

A&A Global understands the importance of sports and the passion and love people have for different games. For this reason, we have introduced a collection of sports products for your customers who like to express love for their favorite sports team in unique ways. 

These toys represent different sports such as basketball, football, and more! Plus, these sports team toys also represent different leagues and teams. So, if you want to impress sports enthusiasts and want the best goodies, stickers, sports team toys, etc., here are the best products that your customers can use in different ways and different places. 

  • NFL

The National Football League is one of the most popular North American professional sports leagues. It has a massive fan base with millions of supporters, including people from different countries, backgrounds, etc. The NFL's regular season begins in early September, with all 32 teams in action. So it is the ideal time to have the best NFL toys, bags, stickers, etc., in your stock. Let's take a look at some of the top NFL toys you can find at A&A Global.

  • Lunch Bags & Cooler Bags 

Lunch and cooler bags with NFL logos and designs are the best options for kids. Not only can you show your love for the NFL team, but you can also enjoy the benefits of these bags. For instance, you can keep your drinks and eatables in a safe and secure place; these bags can retain the freshness of food. So, whether you go to a picnic or stadium to watch a game, you can enjoy a fresh and delicious meal. Not to mention, it is perfect for adults and kids of all ages. 

  • Stickers

You might know, but it is a craze among football lovers to collect stickers of their favorite team. Offering NFL stickers to your customers is the best way to win their hearts. 

NFL™ Logo Stickers in Folders 

They are best for bulk vending sticker machines. On top of that, these stickers come in blind packaging that adds an element of surprise for kids. Children will be curious until they open the packaging to know what sticker they got. You can use these stickers as party favors, bin toys, or redemption toys, as they come in individual folders. 

NFL Helmet Stickers in Folders

These classic and catchy stickers have helmet designs with NFL logos on them. The iconic helmet stickers make the best collectibles, representing all teams. Plus, the stickers are collated, so a different team vends every time. This makes them easy to collect.

  • Inflatable Balls 

An inflatable ball with the NFL design is another cool sport toy for football fans. It's a collectible and best toy for amusement activities such as ball cranes, redemption, or carnival prizes. Additionally, you can purchase these balls by team or a mix of all 32 teams. It will surely keep NFL fans of all ages playing.  

  • Bulk Toys 

Small toys are the cutest choice to keep NFL fans engaged. Since people can keep small toys at their bedside or workstation, they will love to get one. You can use these bulk toys in amusement activities, as party favors and redemption bin toys. 

NFL Logo Rubber Ducks 

These two-inch colorful ducks add an element of interest and make the perfect gift. You can buy these logo ducks by bag with 50 pcs each. Or you can purchase them in capsules and use them for bulk vending.

NFL We’re #1 Finger Puppets

Football fans look for unique ways to show their support for their favorite team while they are in the stadium. We have partnered with the NFL™ to bring a smaller version of NFL We're #1 finger puppets. Each puppet of these foam-lined vinyl puppets features the color of an NFL team with the logo on the back.  

  • MLB

Many people collect toys that have MLB designs and animations. Baseball’s rich history brings generations of MLB fans that would love to get their hands on a new toy with their favorite team’s logo.

  • Stickers

Stickers are one of the most common things that sports enthusiasts collect to show their love and affection towards a team. It's no different when it comes to baseball. They are also ideal for sticker vending machines, as most sticker collectors try their luck to get their hands on luxury and valuable stickers. 

When you purchase stickers in individual folders, you can use them as party favors and redemption bin toys. Not to mention, the packaging will excite both kids and adults to know what is inside. The idea of not knowing what they will get adds an element of surprise. So, they will come back for a new sticker surprise. 

MLB Baseball Stickers Series  

These stickers are stocked with all 30 teams in the MLB. 

  • Inflatable Balls

If you are thinking of buying the perfect sports toy for baseball lovers, inflatable balls should be your pick. These balls are ideal accessories to get the interest and attention of kids and adults towards the game. You can use inflatable balls for ball cranes, redemption, or as a carnival prize. You can buy these balls by team or a mix of all 30 teams. It will keep kids and adults engaged. 

  • Bulk Toys 

Whether you are searching for small toys that make redemption bin toys, the best option is to get sports team bulk toys. In addition to it, people can also use it for party favors, piñata fillers, etc. They also work best for bulk vending and amusement activities.

MLB Soft PVC Key Chains Bulk Bag

Logo keychains are a simple yet impressive way of telling which team you support in Major League Baseball. These MLB Soft PVC Keychains are cool accessories with logos and the first alphabet of each team's name. The best part is you get versatile colors, shapes, and designs that are hard to find in other bulk toys. 

MLB Soft PVC Key chains in 2in Capsules

Whether your customers love the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, or any other team, we have keychains for them!

MLB Plastic Baseball

You can get interesting and unique small balls from top-rated baseball teams. Some of these include the Chicago Cubs, New York Mets, St. Louis Cardinals, etc. These balls can help you attract many customers even if they don't support any particular team. 

  • Generic Sports 

Besides football and baseball, you can also find some other games that may not have worldwide popularity, but they are still trendy and demanding. Let's take a look, what you can get from A&A Global.

  • Hi-Bounce Balls 

Hi-Bounce balls make the perfect redemption bin toys. They come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and designs. Both adults and children love to play with these balls as it is a fun activity to kill boredom. It's a classic toy that never goes out of trend.  

  • Inflatable Balls 

You can inflate or deflate these balls based on your requirement and needs. They are also easy to store and offer you a fun playing time. The best part is you can find inflatable balls featuring logos of many sports teams or the jersey number of your favorite player. The choices are endless when it comes to colors, size, and designs. These sports toys make the best amusement, redemption, and bin toys.

  • Games 

Pocket Travel Finger Football

This interesting and distinctive game comes with two footballs, a playmat, and suction cup bottoms that you can attach to a smooth surface. Because of its small size, you can carry it wherever you go; you can even have a match with your friend to have an amazing time. 

Badminton Set With Ball & Shuttlecock

This set of badminton comes in beautiful colors and designs. You can have hours of fun playing with this giant badminton set at your home, beach, or in the park. 

Table Top Ping Pong Set

This classic game is the best activity and solution to kill boredom and enjoy free time. Having your own tabletop ping pong set in vibrant red and yellow color will help you improve your skills. 

Mini Finger Bowling Game

Who said you need to go to a bowling alley when you can enjoy a perfect game at your home? Just set this cute finger bowling game on a tabletop, launch the ball with your finger, and rack up the strikes and spares. The mini size allows the user to carry a pack in their pocket and play it in their free time. 

Basket and Net

This toy comes with two suction cups that you can attach to any place you want, and it also includes a small cute ball. 

  • Bonus: MLB and NFL Trading Cards

You might not know, but trading cards are the key to engage MLB and NFL followers and lovers. These cards are also popular in the collectible market.You may also need to know that these cards are in high demand. Whether you talk about adults or children, every NFL or MLB fan wants to collect trading cards.  

These trading cards are the best options for party favors, redemption, amusement, carnivals, and other things. You can get collectible cards of different football, basketball, and other sports teams. These cards can be the biggest attraction for sports lovers, and should be among your top choices when it comes to sports teams' collectibles. 


So, now you know the most popular game categories and the fascinating toys that you can offer to your customers. If you want to get durable, high-quality, incredible options of sports team toys, then you need to check out A&A Global's website. We have a huge variety of sports toys, stickers, goodies, balls, etc., that make the perfect gift, redemption bin toy, party favors for sports lovers!