Are you looking for claw machine refills that will keep customers coming back for more? Well, in that case, you are in the right place, as this article will give you information on how you will get some of the top merchandise to entice your customers and boost your sales. 

There are various items that can be ideal for refilling your claw machines. They can be plush toys of all sizes along with seasonal limited edition specials, and much more. There is a huge variety of licensed and exclusive claw machine items available only from A&A Global. From Rubber ducks to squishy toys, inflatable balls, to superhero figures, you can buy a wide range of products that will attract customers from all age groups. 

Let us look at some of the must-have products and categories that can be perfect for claw machine refills. 

5 Categories of Claw Machine Refills

While you can use various products and toys to refill your machines, here are five-must have categories for every claw machine owner. 

1. Plush

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If you are a seller with claw machines and searching for plush toys for refills, you can buy some of the best plush toys with A&A. You can buy them in all shapes and sizes, i.e., small, medium, large, and large jumbo. 

From comic characters such as Batman to the world’s favorite PAW Patrol-themed plush toys, you can buy these licensed plush toys for refills. On the other hand, you can also purchase seasonal mixes of NFL teams figures. 

A&A Global also offers Jumbo Plush toys such as a 22 inch Penny Penguin, Rasta Shark, and 10 inch Willy Wonka characters. 

2. Rubber Ducks

There is a wide range of rubber ducks you can get as claw machine refills. Here are two of the leading toys in this category. 

  • Glitter Duckling

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You must always maintain a good stock of some sparkling ducks with 2-inch rubber glitter ducks. Kids will be flocking around your claw machines to get their hands on these attractive ducklings. 

These mini ducks are not as messy as you might think because the glitter is inside the duck and not as a coat. These ducks come in eight different contrasting colors. 

These include a green beak with a royal blue body, a yellow beak with an aqua body, and a purple beak with a red body. Other combinations include orange with gold, teal with pink, purple with black, pink with green, and red with silver. 

You can buy these ducks in the bag with 100 pieces in each pack. On the other hand, you can also purchase a case containing 10 bags. 

  • 6-inch Silver Light up Ducks

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You can buy these 6-inch silver light-up ducks by the bag. Each bag contains 12 pieces of ducks, or you can buy a whole case with 6 bags. These silver light up ducks are one of the best sellers in the claw machine toys selection.

Whichever way you prefer, these ducks are going to be one of the best lead items to attract the attention of incoming customers, especially kids. 

3. Jumbo Squishy Toys

Kids, teenagers, and grown-ups all love squishy toys. There is something very satisfying about these squishy toys. From being a funny collection to squeezing them for relaxing the nerves, people love to get their hands on these. You can never go wrong with a jumbo squishy toy collection as claw machine refills. 

You can either fill the entire crane with jumbo squishy toys or mix in a couple of squishy toys to offer variety to the players. 

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This jumbo kit of squishy toys contains 12 pieces of various food items. You will get squishy popcorn, hotdog, cake, waffle, and ice cream - not only for claw machines, but you can also use them as great redemption prizes as well. 

You can buy the jumbo-sized food squishy refills by the case, with each case containing 12 pieces. The kids will scream with excitement when they succeed in grabbing one of these squishy food items. 

  • Jumbo Squishy Topper Mix

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If you are looking for squishy refills for the crane machine or claw machine, you can never go wrong with these topper mixes. Your customers will be full of excitement to see your claw machine topped off with super soft and squishy foamed assortments. 

If you wish to showcase this product, you can even download the poster, print it, and place it in your shop. The assorted characters you are going to get are a funky pineapple, a unicorn, duck, penguin, a waffle. 

You can purchase them in the case of 6 pieces, and the item’s sizes range from 8 inches to 11 inches. However, the kit may vary from the actual image slightly. 

  • Jumbo Squishy Glitter Eye Topper

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Are you looking to increase the variety of squishy toys in your claw machines? Well, in that case, you are going to love glitter eye toppers with average size plush toys of 8 inches to 10 inches. 

There are 6 different characters in each set. These include a fish, sheep, dog and more! You can only buy these squishy glitter toys in the case of 6 pieces. However, they have one thing in common: the eyes of all six pieces will be glittery. 

The best part is that you can buy these squishy toys as top claw machine refills as a set or individually. So, if you know which of the items are going to be more popular amongst your customers, you can pick those as per your choice. 

4. Inflatable Balls

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Inflatable balls are one of the most popular refills for claw machines. With A&A, you can buy these inflatable balls in 2 sizes of 6inches and 18inches. Plus, they are available in three main categories as follows. 

  • Generic Inflatable Balls

These are generic inflatable balls with some random faces and names printed on them. These refill balls are just like any other inflatable balls. However, they are of impeccable quality and have the most unique colors and figures on them. These include Knobby balls, Inflatable marble vinyl balls, emojis balls, etc. 

  • A&A Exclusive Inflatable Balls

A&A also offers some exclusive inflatable balls with funny faces and geometric animal figures prints on them. Other inflatable balls include rainbow emojis, monster faces, etc. These products are basically some of the most exclusive items that you will not be able to buy anywhere else. 

  • Licensed Inflatable Balls

A&A Global has partnered with various comic franchises, sports teams, and other cartoon networks to provide exclusive licensed inflatable balls. These include DC super Friends inflatable balls with DC comic characters’ faces printed on them. Similarly, you can also buy inflatable balls with official logos of the NFL team. 

So, if you tend to get many NFL fans and NFL items are one of the most sought items in your store, then these NFL-themed inflatable balls will be perfect claw machine refills to captivate your customers. 

5. Blind Bags

Children, as well as teenagers, are already fans of mystery blind bags. These are perfect refills for claw machines as these bags contain several retail licensed goods worth $20. You can get anything from plush toys, collectibles, figurines, and more. 

That is the best part because there is an element of surprise. The customers will never know what is inside the bag they win from the claw machine. This factor will be one of the best motivators to keep your customers playing game after game. 

You can buy these blind bags individually. However, if you need a big stock of these blind bags, you can buy a case containing 40 bags. The overall dimension of each blind bag stands at 11 inches in length, 7.5 inches in width, and 4 inches in depth. 

  • Licensed Superhero Prizes

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While all the bags come in standard sizes, as mentioned above, a superhero-themed mystery blind bag is one of the most popular claw machine refill items that will help you boost your sales revenues. Thanks to the success of Marvel and DC comics movies and TV series. 

From kids to teenagers and young adults, everyone would love to try their luck on your claw machine and grab one or more of these items. Place them in your claw machine, and you will soon find yourself back to order some more with us. 

Plus, your customers will love you for having these licensed and exclusive blind bags in store. 

  • Small Empty Prize Bags

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These blind bags belong to the plush category basically. These are small empty prize bags that you can buy in six different colors of red, pink, blue, green, aqua, and orange. If you have never tried these small empty prize blind bags before and are unsure, then you can buy them individually in a small amount. 

However, if you bought these before and they were a hit item on your claw machines, then you can buy a case containing 192 small empty price bags. The price is very minimal, and you can purchase these refills for claw machines even if you are working on a minimal budget. 

You can use these brightly colored empty prize bags and fill them with any prizes you like. From plush toys to inflatable balls, sweets to figures, you can literally put whatever you wish to offer as winning on your claw machines. 

  • Jumbo Size Empty Prize Bags

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Well, what if the small-size blind bags are not going to be big enough for the toys or prizes you want to put in them? In that case, you can always opt to buy the jumbo-sized empty prize bags. Like their smaller cousins, these bags come in 6 vibrant colors, including pink, aqua, blue, red, orange, and yellow. 

Once again, it is entirely up to you what type of prizes you wish to put inside them before placing them in a claw machine for winning. You can either purchase these bags as individual products or order a case that will contain 60 jumbo-sized empty blind bags.


So, now you know some of the top claw machines refills you can buy to captivate your customers. The best thing about these refills is that anyone can afford them no matter how much budget you are working on. Moreover, if you are a seller just starting with installing a claw machine in your store, you can never go wrong with the refills mentioned above for claw machines. 

However, these products are just the tip of the iceberg. Contact A&A Global Industries for all your claw machine refills.