Glittery Glop Packets in Bulk Bag (100 pcs)

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  • Barcode: GLGOB
  • $10.00
    ($0.100 Each)

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  • 100 pieces per bag
  • 10 bags per case
  • Individually packaged
  • 6 bright colors, all with glitter
  • Packets are about 3''
  • Display sold seperately: GLGOD


Glittery Glop is oozy, cool, and fun to play with. It's a great item for girls and boys. The packets of goop come in a variety of colors with glitter mixed throughout. Glitter Glop comes in six shimmering colors: pink, silver, blue, gold, green, and purple. This goo is designed for outdoor use as it may stain wall paper or painted surfaces.